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Nurtured in the bosom of the finest human process laboratory – the shop floor – my interest in all matters relating to human beings took firm root and has sustained over the years.

The choice of a mnagement education is often the context of how it will enhance your commercial value and positions you better than competition.

My interests in management education took roots when I was pursuing a degree in English Literature as a prelude to preparing myself for the civil services.


From 1974 it has been a journey across industries – banking, manufacturing, consumer non-durables, telecommunications, and mass retailing, working with some of the finest organisations in India.

From the hotbeds of industrial relations to strategic understanding, management development and organisation building, a journey of nearly 4 decades gives me immense insights and abilities to assist individuals, groups and organisations equip themselves to make transitions from the present to the future.

I encountered “English Social History” a masterly treatise by Trevelyan, which fascinated me and made me a convert to the social cause of human resources.

Thus began a journey in 1972 in XLRI where I realised that there was much to know and lots to unlearn.


A continuing investment in self-development and a willingness to challenge the boundaries makes Mind Mentor, unconventional and assertive in encouraging others to build themselves and their future through their own ownership of processes and outcomes.

Our experience across industries and people places us in the unique position of being to respond to any challenges in people and people development.

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