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The why of behaviour and the challenges of change whilst dealing with individuals and groups empower our understanding of the fact that change is the most difficult process for almost everybody.

Understanding must also be accompanied by learning and knowledge. Failure is an opportunity for analysis, introspection and reassessment of strategies.

To understand if the urge to change remains despite the challenges in the transition!

To build the strategy for success, to work within personal capabilities and to work on enhancing them if the direction is clear and the determination is compelling, requires understanding of the self.


To understand the challenges of change one must understand social values and
compulsions, economic
drivers, fears, stigma’s, loss of face, courage to acknowledge failure and the ability to cope with it,
acknowledgment that the individual as a person must accept that responsibility for actions and outcomes.


Personality Testing Career Interest Analysis

Competency Mapping Ability Assessment &

Vocational Assessment and Counselling

Mid-Career Crises Support and Counselling

Career Counselling

Behavioural Profiling

Behavioural Change Coaching and Counselling

360 Feedback and Personal Development Programmes

Employment Personality Profile Matching

Depression and Anxiety Assessment

External Panel Member for Recruitment Panels for Senior Management Positions


We also have a number of other assessments to understand behaviour and state of the mind .

We offer support to corporates, individuals, groups, adolescents, and couples,